Teaching Philosophy

No matter what the topic, in all of the classes we teach, our emphasis is on providing an atmosphere conducive to learning and creativity. We don’t want the students to learn only by rote, to become cookbook technicians. We strive for them to understand the principles, the why and how of the material, so that they can feel confident in using their newly-acquired skills in creative and adaptive ways once the seminar is over.

We design our classes to present the material to each of the channels of learning: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. We make use of visual aids, a minimum of lecture, and plenty of supervised, hands-on practice. We place a strong emphasis on good biomechanics during all hands-on work, based on the concept that if the therapist is moving with personal integrity, biomechanical effort is decreased and a deep sense of connection is available to and from the client.

We offer technique correction in a positive, affirming way, and encourage the students to critique each other in the same way.

We maintain an atmosphere of “controlled chaos” which allows the students to relax and enjoy the learning experience, thereby allowing them to absorb more material than they realize. Learning occurs easily in this way.

In all of our classes, we remind the participants that the material presented is only the jumping-off point, a new beginning for their own journey of development as massage therapists and bodyworkers. The techniques are a foundation on which to build other skills: listening, palpating, treating. We encourage them to be creative with the work and to be thorough and specific in their treatment. Their ability to achieve results rests solely on their dedication to learning and using techniques accurately, intuitively, and creatively.